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“Tasmanian single malt whisky.  Distilled, matured and bottled on Flinders Island, Bass Strait, using 100% Tasmanian barley and local maritime peat.”


Tasmanian distilled spirits - and in particular single malt whisky - are now considered world class.  In a few short years the industry has developed an enviable reputation for producing whiskies that reflect the environment in which they are produced – a kind of whisky “terroir”. 

Furneaux Distillery Single Malt Whisky Tasmania

Single Malt Whisky

Furneaux Distillery Co. Ltd creates this single malt whisky from 100% Tasmanian barley,
unique maritime peat sourced from Flinders Island’s wild east coast, and pure rainwater.
Casks mature in our warehouse just beyond the high tides of Bass Strait, in the full force of
the prevailing westerly winds. A Tasmanian whisky, like no other.


Untamed Gin

Flinders Island is a wild and untamed land of breathtaking beauty.  A remote holdout against
a hurried world, ideal for producing our distinctive Tasmanian dry gin, made with pure
rainwater and spirit, vapour-distilled through local botanicals in our purpose-built copper pot
still. Our unique botanicals come to us through the hands of the island’s growers and
producers, and through their seasonal knowledge, generations-deep. An untamed gin, like
no other.   

Furneaux Distillery Untamed Gin
Furneaux Distillery Pristine Vodka Tasmania

Pristine Vodka

The rugged landscape of Flinders Island in remote Bass Strait is a glimpse of nature
uncontained: raw, powerful and majestic. Furneaux Distillery Co. Ltd. vodka is made using
Flinders Island's pure rainwater, and spirit distilled in our purpose-built copper pot and
eight-plate column still. The result is this smooth, pure Tasmanian vodka. A pristine vodka,
like no other.



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